Jaffa Cakes

The recipe is based on the famous biscuits named Jaffa Cakes. The biscuits are soft and their orange flavor takes you back to childhood when we ate them in thousands of ways.

What do you need?

6 tbsp aquafaba
1/4 tsp turmeric
1/4cup (50 g) caster cocoa sugar
1/2 cup  (50 g) flour

Orange jelly
1/4cup (50 ml) water
1/4cup (50 ml) orange syrup
few drops (2 ml) orange oil
1 tsp (3 g) agar-agara

Chocolate glaze
1 1/2 cup | 180 g roughly chopped vegan dark chocolate

How much?

12 biscuits

How to make it?

Tips & Tricks

Easy way to scoop Jaffa cakes (after chilling them) out is heating each cup of muffin tin with lighter, so chocolate melts a bit and glaze don’t crack.