Hazelnut Bites

These hazelnut bites will satisfy every craving for something you probably shouldn’t eat (like chocolate), and you will feel great after.

What do you need?

2 cups (250 g) soaked cashews
10 pcs soaked medjool dates
1 heaping tbsp (20 g) cocoa powder
dash bourbon vanilla seeds
whole roasted hazelnut
1/2 cup ground roasted hazelnuts

How much?

27 balls

How to make it?

Tips & Tricks

If you want to add twist to the hazelnut bites, try putting in some rum 😉 .

Before rolling them in roasted hazelnuts you can also cover them with regular or white vegan chocolate.

Don’t hesitate to use different coats, for instance, shreded coconut, bitter cocoa powder, chili flakes, minced goji bears, pistachios etc.